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• “The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor” premiers SUNDAY, Sept. 18, on PBS. Written, produced and directed by Arthur Dong - Check your local PBS Listings for show times.
• "The Killing Fields" Premiered30 Years Ago!
• For UN Intl Day of Peace, Sept. 21, Unity Foundation Filmed a Message from Jack & Haing S. Ngor Foundation
• Dr. Ngor's murder is revisited on Investigation Discovery's "Final Cut" - 12/19/12
• JUSTICE IN CAMBODIA: Follow the current courtroom activities of the Cambodia Tribunal
Recommended Reading! All the Missing Souls and Cambodia’s Hidden Scars: Trauma Psychology in the Wake of the Khmer Rouge
• A Children’s Book for the Ages…and All Ages!
• MURDER – Its Lasting Impact
• Dr. Ngor’s Murder…Was It a Khmer Rouge Assassination After All?
• “Reflections: Cambodia”…new poems and photos by David Wenzel…in VOICES!
• VOICES: “Between the Lines of the Pol Pot Regime” by Cory Campbell
• Cambodia: 32 Years After The Killing Fields - Press-Telegram Photos  (Link to PT website)
• Cambodia: 32 Years After The Killing Fields - Press Coverage
• Cambodia: 32 Years After The Killing Fields - Oct 20th
• ''Road to Closure" Documentary
• Dith Pran Loses His Battle With Cancer
• Season’s
Greetings!  Enjoy
This Holiday Vocal by Dr. Ngor’s Great-Niece, Brooke Demetri!
• Cambodia’s ‘Himmler’ Interviewed Prior to Trial For Crimes Against Humanity Under Pol Pot
• Brooke's back! - Check out Dr. Haing S. Ngor's 10-yr-old great-niece making her 3rd appearance singing at the US Open!
• Bail denied for Khmer Rouge chief (Link to CNN Article)
• Dr. Ngor Would Be Very Proud Of His Great-Niece at the US Open!
• Dramatic Presentations of Genocide Poetry in LA & Long Beach This Wknd!

• Submit your story ideas for a Haing Ngor stage play
• Check out our new Screening Room - featuring Dr. Ngor's Oscar Acceptance Speech
• Steven Okazaki's Oscar-Nominated "Conscience of Nehm En" on HBO2 July 13, 18, 21, 23, 26 & 30
• World Day for International Justice…July 17

• ‘Song of Extinction’…Gripping Play in L.A.

• "Sentenced Home" on PBS...Coming May 15
• Haing Ngor Drama! New York 2/25/08
'• Killing Fields' War Criminal Finally On Trial

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